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How do you know which supplements are the right ones to buy?

Shannon Oleksak Photography Supplements: There is so much mystery around these magic little pills. They are suppose to make us feel better, cure our aliments, keep our systems balanced, erase all our wrinkles and makes us smarter. How can this be possible? To be honest, it can’t. Let me first define supplements. Supplements include vitamins,…… Continue reading How do you know which supplements are the right ones to buy?


Supplements: The immune support arsenal!

Anyone else starting to feel like this, not quite sure which way is up?!  This is our current status. This holiday season has been insanely busy for us.  We have been blessed to see and spend tons of time with friends and family we don’t usually see but that coupled with Christmas shopping, consistency and…… Continue reading Supplements: The immune support arsenal!

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Energy, beautiful skin, and balanced hormones!

Did you know that there is one thing you can do to accomplish all of these and it is super simple…. it’s sleep! Sleep I wore this badge of honor for years, glorifying how well I was able to function on minimal sleep. When I first became a mom I was going to school full…… Continue reading Energy, beautiful skin, and balanced hormones!

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Are Diaper Rashes Normal?

Diaper rashes are something that every parent has to deal with at some point in the parenting journey, right?! I think a lot of parents have kind of just accepted it as part of the deal. Diapers equal diaper rashes. It had not dawned on me fully just how accepting we have become of this…… Continue reading Are Diaper Rashes Normal?

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Why You Sometimes Leave a Sweat Session Feeling More Frustrated Than When You Started.

As humans, we want there to be an explanation for why we are feeling the way we are feeling. We have an urge to pinpoint and fix something. Often times when we don’t fully understand an emotional reaction or have not taken the time to truly dissect something that is bothering us we will turn that discomfort and unease into a physical ailment. Why?! Because we can explain it, we can pinpoint it and start taking action on it.

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Inflammation: Acute vs Chronic

Inflammation: What is it? What does it mean for your body? And why is everyone talking about it? Inflammation has kind of become a buzzword within the health industry in the past few years. I wanted to bring some clarity to it. Put it in perspective and maybe help you decide if this is something…… Continue reading Inflammation: Acute vs Chronic