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How Toxins Are Effecting Your Weight

Toxins, also known as pollution, are no longer just a by product of the industrial revolution.  They now, unfortunately, make up the base components for the majority of the cleaning, cosmetic and even food products we are exposed to everyday.   Notice I said food products. YES!  They are in the the majority of the products…… Continue reading How Toxins Are Effecting Your Weight

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3 Simple Steps to Beautiful Skin

Beautiful skin ultimately comes from a proper diet and staying hydrated, you can check all that information in the nutrition section of my blog.  Sometimes though that is not even enough, especially as we age and in these deep freeze winter months. One of the worst things we can do is saturate our skin (an…… Continue reading 3 Simple Steps to Beautiful Skin

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Why Kale and How to Make Those Amazing Chips

Kale chips are one of those healthy foods that are actually kind of cool to eat!   Kale is a great food to start with if you are looking to incorporate more vegetables in your diet or are starting on a plant based diet.  They are super easy to cook and really durable.  They will…… Continue reading Why Kale and How to Make Those Amazing Chips

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Papaya Strawberry Green Smoothie

I am obsessed with papaya and watermelon right now!  I can’t get enough of either.  This is the smoothie I have been making for the past couple of weeks for my papaya fix.  It is the ideal summer smoothie, light, refreshing and the perfect amount of filling.  I can make it all the way to…… Continue reading Papaya Strawberry Green Smoothie


5 Tips for Avoiding that Dreaded Bloat this Holiday Weekend

I’m sure there are some of you who have spent the last few months working you’re butts off to get ready for this weekend.  Perhaps you have avoided all forms of food and were hitting the gym like it was your second job.  Maybe, you followed one of those cleanse diets that had you drinking a…… Continue reading 5 Tips for Avoiding that Dreaded Bloat this Holiday Weekend

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Creamy Cauliflower Soup

This is a favorite go to recipe for me. Whenever something in our house is easy or takes no time at all my son likes to say it’s “easy and peasy” and this recipe falls into that category. The flavor is amazing, I can get all the ingredients in one pot and its done in…… Continue reading Creamy Cauliflower Soup

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Rainbow Carrot and Massaged Kale Salad

We are nearing the end of my 4th pregnancy and I have had these insane cravings for kale, watermelon and coconut water.  With my days numbered I am basically done when it finally comes around to dinner time and am just looking for the easiest and fastest meal possible to make for the family.  Last night I threw this…… Continue reading Rainbow Carrot and Massaged Kale Salad